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Daily maintenance of CNC Feeder
Jul 14, 2017

First, do a good job on the surface of the CNC open machine and all parts of the dust removal work, once the dust into the equipment, the equipment will cause very great distress, affecting the normal use of equipment, the impact of production efficiency, so in the day-to-day use must do a good job in the machine table and the surface of the machine shell clean, clean work.

Second, to do a good job of rust-proof machine, once the equipment rust will be some components aging problems, so that the work efficiency of CNC cutting machine, so we must regularly on the equipment for anti-rust oil smear, lest equipment rust.

Third, do a good job in the lubrication of the driving device of the CNC feeder, when the equipment is running, if the equipment transmission device is not running smoothly, it will lead to uneven feeding equipment, affecting the quality of the material, the industrial production has a certain impact, so in the day-to-day maintenance of equipment to lubricate the transmission device is very important.