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Difference between the four-axis and three-axis ENGRAVING MACHINE
Dec 26, 2017

1. Generally speaking, the difference between the four-axis and three-axis is the same time can do X, Y, Z, A four-axis linkage.

2. from the control system used in the machine, four-axis machine with a four-axis linkage system, three-axis using a three-axis linkage system.

3. from the machine's motion signals to points, four-axis linkage using four-axis signal transmission, three-axis linkage using three-axis signal transmission, less than four-axis signal.

4. to distinguish the effect of sculpture, four-axis linkage than the three-axis linkage processing more in place, processing more uniform, less dead corners, more beautiful.

5. pointing from the tool to identify the direction of the four-axis linkage tool tip at any time in the change, the three-axis tool tip is always pointing to the center of the workpiece.

Four-axis linkage is more advanced than the three-axis linkage, more reliable, four-axis linkage is the development trend of three-dimensional engraving machine.