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how to better maintain the engraving machine in daily use?
Dec 29, 2017

First, the requirements of time and cooling

It is best to run the engraving machine for less than ten hours, because the engraving machine is generally driven by the motor. Therefore, if the motor is operated for a long time, it is likely to cause some damage to the motor due to overheating. In addition, when running, we should also ensure the normal operation of the cooling system. For example, the provision of clean cooling water is one of the most important steps.

Second, cleaning and maintenance after using 

When the engraving machine stop running, it should be cleaned in time. First of all we need to clean the dust generated by carving. After the using time for a certain period, but also should be added to the drive system bearing a certain amount of lubricant. Different parts of the demand for lubricants is not the same.

In particular, the engraving machine is now used are relatively high degree of automation of the engraving system, so for the maintenance of the machine must give more attention.