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Stone Carving machine Tool classification
Jul 14, 2017

A series (Common knife-type alloy knife): The use of high-performance alloy materials, two-edged design, good sharpness, cost-effective, manual heavy grinding easy.

B Series (Standard angle alloy knife): The use of high-performance alloy materials, two-blade design, angle standards, lettering, fine relief effect is good.

C Series (smelting diamond grinding tool): Smelting diamond grinding head knife, the use of military High-tech "smelting diamond technology" manufacturing!

D Series (monolithic alloy trigonous knife): The monolithic alloy trigonous knife uses ultra particle ultra wear-resisting alloy. Abrasion resistance is much higher than other trigonous knives in the market.

E Series (PCD polycrystalline diamond knife): The use of imported polycrystalline diamond blades, the quality is far from cheap domestic blades comparable!

F Series (Sintered diamond grinding head knife): Sintered Diamond grinding head is generally used for granite milling bottom. Because the knife head for multi-layer Diamond sintering, with a very high life!