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What is the mechanical principle of the stone engraving machine?
May 12, 2018

A variety of data input modes of the engraving machine can be performed as needed. It can be compatible with Israel's CASMATE, USA's ARTCAM, France's TPYE3, Wentai, and other domestic and foreign selected engraving software, and can also be compatible with the JD software of the carved machine ENG format.

The rapid engraving machine can adapt to the needs of customers at different levels and in different fields, and greatly expands the application field of fast engraving machines. No matter what kind of engraving software the customer is familiar with or likes, it can be used selectively.

The engraving machine circular arc optimization instruction can automatically eliminate the speed chatter pattern according to the characteristics of the processing workpiece. The traditional CNC control system often has the following problems: the curve speed is higher than the straight-line speed, and the curve accuracy is worse than the straight line. When three-dimensional embossing is performed, the machine shake is very severe, the speed is slow, and the accuracy is poor.

The application of this control system has completely solved this problem, namely, improved processing efficiency (processing time can be shortened by 30%-300%), and it can eliminate speed chatter marks and bear high processing quality.

Engraving machine uses widened high-precision cylindrical linear guide, good stability and high precision. The processing stroke is more than 160mm, which is higher than other equipments. It is especially suitable for making plastic molds and semi-finished products, which makes the work not only limited to PVC, acrylic and other processing like other engraving machines.

During the machining process, the engraving machine can dynamically adjust the processing depth. In the machining process, the machining speed and cutting speed can be adjusted dynamically. The engraving machine is entirely designed by Carter's own embedded CNC controller and can be used in harsh environments. The industrial standard bus structure design ensures that the control system is stable and reliable.