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Wood carving machine rust prevention common sense
Jul 14, 2017

To know the shell and parts of woodworking engraving machine is basically the composition of metal materials, the environment of the workplace and whether the cleaning is timely, we should pay attention to and understand the focus. If there is cooperation in the future, please and the regular sale of distributors, to buy quality and performance of good woodworking engraving machine, only such a high-quality woodworking engraving machine, in the workplace to provide us with a solid operation help.

In order to be able to long-term have no rust or oxidation reaction, the best way is to strengthen the clean, choose clean around no corrosive liquid, gas flow area, so as to reduce the corrosion of equipment interference, the way to protect is not timely, norms, and its life, the stability of the operation of the coefficient, and so on, is the existence of intuitive contact, each clean clean, or long-term not ready to use before, should use anti-rust grease or anti-rust oil, the whole coating on the shell and metal parts, isolation and air contact, Prevent corrosion.