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Woodworking Engraving machine control mode
Jul 14, 2017

Woodworking engraving machine is divided into three types of control:

One is the operation of all the computer control, engraving machine in the work of the computer in the State, can not carry out other typesetting work, may be due to the misuse of the computer caused by waste;

The second is the use of single-chip computer control, engraving machine work at the same time can be typesetting, but can not shut down the computer, can reduce the computer misoperation caused by waste;

Third, the use of USB port transmission data, the system has more than 32M of memory capacity, save the file can be completely out of the computer, shut down the computer or other typesetting, can greatly improve the efficiency.

It is mainly used in wood processing, make it more beautiful value, woodworking engraving machine A wide variety, brand also a lot, resulting in uneven prices.