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2017 Turkey Wood Processing Machinery
Nov 08, 2017

                             Turkey International Woodworking Machinery Exhibition

WOOD PROCESSING MACHINERY is one of the largest and most influential professional exhibitions in the field of furniture production equipment and furniture accessories in Turkey, organized by Turkey TUYPE Exhibition Company, attracting a large number of European and American exhibitors and domestic and foreign professional audiences.

Exhibition Hall.jpg

After the Shanghai CIFF(China International Furniture Fair)  in September, in order to further expand the international market and enhance the influence of the international brand of Hongfa CNC, Hongfa sales team went  to Turkey Istanbul to attend this exhibition.

Chairman (second from left) and exhibition customer.jpg

Wu Shan Wang, chairman of Hongfa CNC (second from left), took a group photo with the exhibition customer.

The machine XZ-12025-8.jpg

Popular Products 8-Head Four-Axis Wood Carving Machine For 3D Engraving


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